Amazing jobs for Work From Home Overnight

Amazing jobs for Work From Home Overnight

If you are a night owl, you should go for these jobs. By this, you can earn a few more bucks and utilize your spare time by taking part-time jobs at night. Work from home late night jobs are good for online jobs and on weekends.

Some things to keep in mind before you start a night job are if you have a computer, good internet connection then you are all set for starting this job. Before starting here are some specifications to keep in mind that some companies require experience and training which is difficult to get. It ain’t easy to get a nice overnight job but also not impossible to get.

Here are some of the great work from home overnight jobs to start from

  • Working Solutions

In Working Solutions, they offer you the job of virtual agent during the night for data entry, sending emails, chatting online, and attending calls. By doing this for an hour you can earn from $9-$30 by staying at home only.

  • Appen

They offer you jobs of translation, data collection, transcription, crowdsourcing, and some other jobs which are available for doing from home at the platform of Appen. They have good and great positions for work worldwide. This is a good part-time job.

  • LiveOps

LiveOps offers you to work as a remote call center agent. You won’t be their employee but can work as an independent contractor. LiveOps is also a great platform for getting an overnight part-time job.

  • Alorica at home

You will be paid for working as a customer service employee for Alorica. They have flexible timings for work which will let you earn bucks per minute or call. You can search for a part-time job near you with Alorica.

  • Rev

Rev is a famous platform for transcription jobs. It offers you flexible timings for work and good positions all around the world.

  • Uhaul

With U Haul you can earn money by working from 4 am to 5 pm like a call center employee. They have flexible timings too from which you can choose working hours with your availability.

  • GoGoKids

You can earn money by being an English teacher for kids and you can earn $15-$25 per hour by teaching online lessons to students.

  • Fancy Hands

The job here is as a virtual assistant to look for business professional schedules. The job includes booking a limo, researching information online, and proofreading.

  • Lionbridge

It’s similar to Appen, where you can earn money by search engine evaluation through Lionbridge or crowdsourcing. For this job, you need to set hours for a week.

  • The Smart Crowd

The job here is as a data entry operator. Their job positions are available worldwide through which you can earn with your timing and convenience.

  • NexRep

They work on timings of the clock so their position is there for US residents. The job here is as a call center agent.

  • Play Media

Editing transcripts is the main job here when you register in Play Media. But you need to work for a minimum of 15 hours a week.

  • Isus

With Isus, you can show your English skills by being an English trainer. You also need to check the progress of your students.


To show your great writing and grammar skills you can work with this company to earn bucks. The pay is according to the rating you get for your articles.

This article will help you get a part-time overnight job at your time convenience.


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