INSTAFEET!!!! Earn Money with Feet Pics

INSTAFEET!!!! Earn Money with Feet Pics

InstaFeet, well it may be a new topic for some of the viewers for earning bucks. Here, we will discuss everything about InstaFeet, what’s good, bad, and worse.


So, starting from here, what’s InstaFeet?

It’s an online private platform where you can sell and buy media related to feet like its videos and pictures. On instafeet, you can register yourself and can subscribe to an account or you can browse lakhs of feet pics and you can also buy them if you like them. (* You must have attained the age of 18 for selling feet pics on this platform.) Now, many questions must have been raised in your mind whether it’s safe, legit, etc.


Whether instafeet is safe?

It’s a private platform in which your account isn’t public, and people won’t find you. Firstly, the searchers have to be buyers to find profiles but they can’t review the media which you have uploaded, for viewing they need to pay the subscribers.) It works under an alias so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being leaked.


Whether instafeet is legit?

Yeah, it’s a legit platform to sell foot pictures and videos to earn money.


Whether to show your face on it?

It’s only your choice, if you’re interested in showing your face then do it or else don’t do it. Its policy is very straight forward if you don’t want to then don’t do it.


How does it work?

  • Create a selling profile. In this, you just don’t have to sign up, but also apply for a profile. Because they don’t approve of everyone who signs up, they only approve 10% of creators. You have to mail them with your valid photo ID for verification.
  • Once you have been verified successfully of your selling account, you can upload 5-7 feet pictures for starting.
  • Set the price to $10 a month.
  • Promote it on every social media you have.
  • Have your quirky link.


Approximate earning with instafeet?

How much you earn though this depends on how many subscribers you have. There are two methods for making money.

Having people subscribe to your profile.

By selling foot videos and pictures and all other media.

Only one picture selling ranges between $10-100. Whereas the subscribers can pay you from between $10-50/ month for getting their access to all your uploaded media.

For example, if you have 5 subscribers and they pay you $ 10 for each subscription, then you’re getting $59 a month. Let’s take one more example, you have 5 subscribers and one of them wants to buy a foot picture that is on sale, then you can earn straight up to $50 in one go only.

Instafeet only charges 10% for giving you that money for all the necessary processing things. Many up-listed earners make $500/ day. That’s pretty impressive, right!!!


Starting range in which, you can upload pictures?

The starting range can be from $10-25. Once you have stepped in successfully, you can make your price higher.


Can you sell hand pics on instafeet?

There’s a big no for that cause in the name itself it suggests feet. So, it’s only for foot pictures.


Some reviews of instafeet

One person who is a web developer has been selling pictures of her feet and has earned $6000 in a month. For more reviews, you can visit its official website and find that it’s a legit website.

You must have read on Reddit and Quora that it’s theft for identities. As they did send pictures with a valid ID but didn’t get a response. But it’s mentioned earlier that they don’t respond to everyone.


How can you keep yourself safe on instafeet?

Always use the alias in the account name. Don’t ever use your original name and don’t share any personal information online. Don’t shoot videos and pictures which can be easily identified.

Always use a secure method for payments.

Don’t forget to put a watermark so that no one can download it or click a picture without paying.

This article will clarify all your doubts related to selling foot pictures through online platforms. Instafeet is a new platform for this industry and you can’t find much about it.

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