Best Micro Job Apps

Best Micro Job Apps

If you have read the previous article on micro-jobs, then you will know what it is. (Read: Know about micro jobs and start earning immediately) We will give short information on micro-jobs again. Micro jobs are the jobs that include small tasks to be done for the company or the client, which will help earn an income. The tasks mainly include data entry, taking surveys, watching videos, emails, etc.

Here are few sites for micro jobs that pay you well:-

  • Clickworker

It’s a nice alternative to Amazon MTurk. You can find various tasks on this platform. The tasks are mainly copy editing, creation of text, proofreading, and researching on the web. If you are interested in proofreading, you should sign-up. Before picking up a specific type of micro job, Clickworker gives you assessments to complete before selection. This thing is done to test your work accuracy and skill and you will be able to complete the assigned task. The mode of payment is via PayPal and SEPA every week.

  • Crowdflower

In the name itself, it suggests a micro-task website. It has a Clickworker type of job. Once you have signed up for them, you will be granted to access the user dashboard for the contributors. Those levels which match the skills and performance are known as contributors. When you clear the levels and move upwards, you will be a skilled contributor. Being a skilled contributor, you will get access to better micro-jobs. Just complete the tasks with 100% accuracy. The mode of payment would be via PayPal.

  • Fancy Hands

It’s a company of virtual assistants and needs people to perform small tasks for a variety of businesses. The work mainly is scheduling appointments, making and managing phone calls. They pay on average $3-$7. For higher and complicated tasks they pay more. Before working your work must be approved. The payment is done every other week by Dwolla. You must have a headset with a microphone to work with them.

  • Fiverr

It’s the best-known website for micro jobs and freelancing. If you are a freelancer, you shouldn’t miss any chance on Fiverr. It’s a very popular and reliable site for jobs. If you’re a freelancer, you can start to sell it at $5. Many people find this advantageous for selling gigs on this platform.

  • Field Agent

It’s another app for micro-jobs. Your task here resembles shopping such as taking a picture of a display in-store. Once you sign in, your GPS will be on to search for the nearest task in your area. But the choice of tasks is in your hands, whether to reject or accept. When you accept a job, you need to do it within 2 hours. The tasks range is between$1-$12. You can cash it anytime through your bank account and Dwolla.

  • Gigwalk

It has the highest potential for earning money depending on the task. The tasks range between $5-$50, sometimes even $100 or more. When you accept a gig you have 8 hours to complete it. Payment would be via PayPal within 5 days after you complete the task and it is approved. The tasks are mainly going to nearby local businesses and enquiring information.

  • JobBoy

It’s a new micro job site. It mainly focuses on helping people to complete their social media campaigns by signing up for a newsletter and gaining likes and followers. You can easily earn cents for each task, and a task takes a few seconds to be completed. There are other tasks, but they take more time to be completed. When you complete, you get a rating and you have to maintain the success rate of 25% to continue working. You need to have $10 in your wallet to withdraw through Payza / PayPal.

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