Work from home jobs that provide equipment

Work from home jobs that provide equipment

In this pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are left unemployed which makes it very difficult for them to support their families and meet their needs.

Although for working from home you need all the proper equipment to work from home. If you don’t have the equipment or your equipment is not up to the mark you will fail to work from home. But many companies are providing you with the necessary items to work from home.

There are many types of online jobs like:

  • Providing tech support.
  • Testing of site.
  • Web searching evaluation.
  • The entry of data.
  • By tutoring.
  • By transcription or translation.

After you choose the particular field you can apply on various job websites which will help you meet your perfect job with sites like Flexjobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.


Here’s a list of some companies which provide equipment too:

1) Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners are mainly known as an agency of affiliate marketing that helps other brands to grow with business marketing partnerships. It provides their employees with several benefits.

There are various job posts like digital or affiliate marketing, accounts manager, and human resource.

Equipment is office equipment, tools, and tech.


10up is an agency of web strategy and development which thinks of simple content management. It creates various helpful tools for content writers. This company wants to deliver the best experience to their customers. Jobs are Leader of the Tech team, UI or Web Engineer, Manager, Coordinator of Accounts. They allow equipment permission to their users.

3)ABC Fitness solutions

It’s known as ABC Financial which provides all management solutions ( software services and all fitness solutions). Jobs are Account, Client and Marketing Manager, and Product tracking. They offer you all the necessary equipment.

4) Place for Mom

It’s being assisted by a referral service, which was founded in 2000 and is in Seattle, Washington. Jobs are of Advisor. They give you an outlook, Laptop, and VoIP, and CRM through VPN.

5) Alliance Data

It’s a Corporation that gives you Marketing services with loyalty such as direct marketing, loyalty programs, and label credit cards which are done by transaction-rich data. Job is regarding associate payment solutions. They provide all equipment with high internet speed.

6) Active Network

It’s an American MNC, which is Dallas, Texas which helps with software regarding participant and activity management. Job is of a Reservation agent. They provide you with a Client computer along with a headset, keyboard, and mouse.


It’s an American insurance corporation. It’s in Illinois, Northbrook from 1967. Job is of Representative of customer insurance. They give computers peripherals.

8) Allied Health Media

It’s a digital learning company providing courses for allied healthcare. Jobs are IT administrator and Online Assistant. They give you a monitor, MAC book, headset, keyboard and money for the internet.

9) Amazon

It is an e-comm company that hires part-time and full-time service to work from home. The job is to represent the customer. They provide a headset, computer, and necessary equipment.

10) Apple

This is the company which is known to everyone. If you like to share knowledge this Job of Apple Advisor is good. If you are appointed you will get a MAC computer and various plans for savings and insurances.

This list would help you all find a dream job for you. So, apply fast and get an opportunity to earn. With these companies, you can work from home.

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