Freelancing Jobs in high Demand

Freelancing Jobs in high Demand


You must have heard that freelancing was regarded as a part-time job to earn a few more bucks. But now people want to build their career in freelancing as full-time work. Freelancing raised its pace by 46% during the pandemic situation, reported by Pioneer (firm). According to research, 400 million people lost their jobs worldwide. Freelancing was a ray of hope to some people. India is considered for second-fastest-growing freelancer after the US. Research says that startups prefer more freelancers than full-time workers, as freelancers are kind of experts in their fields.

Below are some good domains on freelancing:

  • Web Developer

One of the most wanted startups by freshers to have an attractive ID for engaging the customers. In this tech era, IT fields require more web developers.

Knowledge needed for a web developer:

1)Good in debugging and testing skills.

2)Firm in backend development.

3)Designing with UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).

4) Know programming languages (JavaScript) and HTML.

Web Developer salary is around Rs. 37,500/ month.

  • Digital Marketing

This is also a popular and wanted startup for increasing the visibility of the market. Many startups find digital marketers who will help in finding the correct social media and search engine.

Knowledge needed for Digital Marketer:

1) Outstanding in the production of video and marketing.

2) Know about SEO and SEM.

3) Know how Many pros Google analytics work for tracking traffic and website performance.

Digital Marketer pay scale is around Rs.5,74,152 to Rs.9,59,353/month.

  • Content Writer

When someone starts new, they hunt for a professional writer who would easily create creative content for attracting a large number of readers. As everyone’s becoming digital there’s a good demand for Content writers.

Knowledge needed for a content writer:

1) Has good command communication and verbal skills.

2) Good in editing and writing.

3) Must have firm ideas with online content platforms.

Content Writers pay scale is around Rs.16,000/ month.

  • Blockchain Developer

It’s kind of a new domain. In any field be it education or health care they need blockchain developers to look for centric functions. As there are fewer professionals and a high amount of jobs, the companies have agreed to pay a high amount to professionals.

Knowledge needed for Blockchain Developer:

1) Good knowledge of algorithms, and data structures.

2) Good in the development of software.

3) Well in programming languages like Java, c, c++, python, etc.

Blockchain Developer payscale is around Rs.4,75,000 to Rs.7,93,000/ year.

  • Graphic Designing

Mainly referred to by communication or graphic designers or creative designers. Companies call them if they are ready to meet their brand’s Target audiences with their designing skills.

Knowledge needed for Graphic Designer:

1) Firm in Working with designing tools like Photoshop, Adobe cloud, etc.

2) Have a creative mindset.

Graphic Designer pay scale is around Rs.5,21,505.

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