Writing for Money: The Ultimate List of Sites That Pay $100+ in 2024

Writing for Money: The Ultimate List of Sites That Pay $100+ in 2024

I am going to give you a comprehensive guide to 20 amazing websites that offer payment of $100 or more per article in 2024. Everyone is searching how to earn by writing articles and I am making this easy for you. Just write and earn!

1. Listverse
Listverse is a platform that publishes a variety of intriguing lists. They are on the lookout for well-researched and unique lists of at least 10 items. Listverse pays between $100 and $300 per list, depending on the topic and quality.

2. TopTenz
Similar to Listverse, TopTenz shares list-based articles on diverse topics. They accept interesting and well-crafted lists and offer a payment of $50 per list that gets approved.

3. The Dollar Stretcher
The Dollar Stretcher is dedicated to providing money-saving advice for families, retirees, and individuals. They welcome articles that help readers save money or spend wisely. Payment varies, and you can inquire about compensation details during the submission process.

4. DollarSprout
DollarSprout focuses on personal finance and making money online. They accept articles on saving, investing, and various money-making strategies. Payment is discussed individually with contributors, but they have been known to pay $100 or more per article.

5. A Fine Parent
If you have expertise in parenting, A Fine Parent is an excellent platform to contribute to. They seek articles on practical parenting tips, personal stories, and research-based insights. Accepted articles can earn you $100 per piece.

6. Great Escape Publishing
Great Escape Publishing specializes in travel writing and photography. If you have exciting travel stories, guides, or photography tips, they offer payment ranging from $50 to $200 for articles that meet their criteria.

7. FundsforWriters
FundsforWriters primarily caters to freelance writers and offers resources, tips, and writing opportunities. They have different categories for submissions, including essays, success stories, and paying markets. Payment varies, with some articles earning $50 to $150.

8. Reverb Press
Reverb Press is a news and politics website that accepts well-researched opinion pieces, political analysis, and breaking news articles. They pay $50 or more per article, depending on the quality and relevance.

9. Longreads
Longreads focuses on publishing long-form articles, essays, and narratives. They encourage both established and emerging writers to contribute. Payment is negotiated on an individual basis.

10. Developer Tutorials
Developer Tutorials is a website that caters to programmers and software developers. They offer payment of up to $150 per tutorial or article related to web development, programming languages, and software engineering.

11. Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine is a renowned platform for web designers and developers. They accept tutorial articles, case studies, and opinion pieces. Payment ranges from $150 to $200 per article.

12. WorldStart
WorldStart focuses on providing helpful technology tips and advice. They accept articles related to computing, Windows, mobile devices, and general tech topics. They pay $50 for accepted articles.

13. Write Naked
Write Naked is a platform dedicated to helping writers earn money from their craft. They seek articles that discuss the writing process, publishing tips, and inspiration for writers. Payment starts at $50 per article.

14. Photoshop Tutorials
If you have expertise in Adobe Photoshop and graphic design, Photoshop Tutorials welcomes your contributions. They pay $25 to $300 per tutorial or article, depending on the complexity and quality.

15. HowlRound
HowlRound is a platform for theater enthusiasts, practitioners, and writers. They accept articles and essays on theater-related topics, including reviews, analysis, and informative pieces. Payment varies based on the length and quality of the article.

16. IncomeDiary
IncomeDiary is a platform that shares insights on making money online, entrepreneurship, and online marketing. They accept articles that offer valuable advice and case studies. Accepted articles can earn you $200 per piece or more.

17. The Change Agent
The Change Agent is an adult education magazine aimed at literacy and social justice. They accept submissions on various topics, including personal experiences, education, and social issues. Payment is $50 per accepted submission.

18. Sports Spectrum
Sports Spectrum focuses on the intersection of faith and sports. They accept articles on sports-related topics, interviews, and personal stories of faith. Payment is agreed upon individually with writers.

19. UX Booth
UX Booth is a platform that explores user experience design. They accept well-researched articles, case studies, and practical insights. Payment is $100 per accepted article.

20. One Story
One Story is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing one outstanding short story every three weeks. They accept literary fiction submissions and pay $500 per accepted story.

You should review the guidelines and submission requirements for each website before submitting your work.


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