Tips to keep your pets calm and safe as fireworks lit the sky on New Year Eve

Tips to keep your pets calm and safe as fireworks lit the sky on New Year Eve

 New Year’s Eve is set to bring joy and happiness. The occasion is incomplete with the beautiful sparkles going around. While everyone loves the crackers there is someone who hates it. Yes! You need to safeguard your pets from fireworks.

Disadvantages of fireworks

Although fireworks set the sky bright and colorful it does come with a few disadvantages too.

  • Increase air pollution
  • Produce lots of sound pollution
  • Scare pets
  • Heavy sound affects elders and infants

In this article let’s see how firecrackers affect animals and we must safeguard our pets from firecrackers.

Effects of loud sounds on pet animals and how to safeguard pets from fireworks

Research says, more than half of all household pets tend to exhibit fear signs due to loud fireworks. Dogs are known to hear about 4 times more when compared to a human. They can also easily pick pitched sounds even at 67-45,000 Hz frequency range. Vivid smells combined with bright flashes are likely to make fireworks quite overwhelming for such creatures.

It is for this reason, that pet owners need to know how to keep their pets calm and safe on New Year’s Eve, when there are bound to be fireworks in the night sky accompanied by loud sounds.

How to safeguard dogs from fireworks?

If you know that your furry friend to become anxious as the fireworks are set off, then it becomes essential to undertake some preparatory measures in advance. This will help ease the kind of stress that your dog is likely to exhibit later on. You should walk your pet dog before it gets dark and ensure its toilet is completed before starting the fireworks.

Also secure your garden and house, since if your dog feels unsettled, then there are chances of it trying to run away. Select a comfortable place in your home to offer your pet a ‘safe & secure’ hiding area. This will help ease their fear and suffering. You can further muffle sound coming out from outside by closing the curtains and switching on the radio or TV. Block off all cat flaps to ensure that your pet stays indoors.

How to safeguard small animals from fireworks?

You may own small animals like guinea pigs or rabbits as pets and keep them in a pen or cage outside. To ensure that they do not hear the loud fireworks sound, soundproof their outdoor enclosures or simply move them to a safe indoor location. Experts suggest covering partly the outdoor cages and hutches using blankets. This will help muffle slightly the loud fireworks sounds. At the same time, your animals can get some peeking space from their cage. You can also move out the cage/hutch to a closed shed or garage as it is safer. Providing your animals with plenty of bedding will also allow them to be snug and feel safe.

Extra Precautions

You do love your pets a lot and want to provide them with the utmost safety all the time. However not taking adequate safety measures in advance to muffle the fireworks sound will only cause panic among them. Hence, following the above tips and researching more on web will enable you to enhance protection.  And also enjoy New Year with your family and friends without any worry.


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