Phone farming to earn Great Money

Phone farming to earn Great Money

Phone Farming is the way of making passive income using some old smartphones. Passive income comprises which can be derived by active participation. You can earn by downloading some apps on your android phones.

How does it work?

For running phone farming, you need to buy some old smartphones. In the starting you can start with 5 phones. After that you can do it on your own. Download some apps to earn points. After That, you can exchange your points through PayPal or gift cards.

Which are the phones to use for this business?

You can use unused smartphones and you can also ask some of your family members to give their old phones.

Some important tips for Android phones for this business which you should keep in mind:-

  • Buy only android smartphones because they are cheap and you can easily download some money-making apps.
  • You shouldn’t buy very old phones. The specs of android must be more than Android 5.1. Old versions of Android 4 can phase out some apps.
  • The phone ram should be 1GB or more.
  • You should always buy inexpensive phones or those phones which have a price range of $20.
  • Don’t use locked phones as they aren’t well for phone farming.
  • Don’t use tablets as they too would phase some apps out.

From where you can buy cheap android smartphones?

  1. Android – you will easily get a good quality smartphone here.
  2. Walmart – you can get a smartphone in the range of $20.
  3. Garage sales – they provide used smartphones here.
  4. Best Buy – you can get phones at a reasonable price.

Some apps to use for phone farming:

  1. Video watching apps

In this, you just need to download apps and earn money by simply watching the video.

  • Inbox Dollars

This app pays you for watching the videos and taking surveys. They also give a signing bonus of $5. By watching videos through this app you can earn up to $50/month. Payments are done by checks and gift cards.

  • Swagbucks

They have different options for earning through phone farming. You can easily earn points by taking surveys, watching videos and advertisements. You will earn $2 every time by watching trailers, fitness videos, etc. The signing bonus is $10. You can earn $.2/day and $35/survey. Payments are done by PayPal and gift cards. Also read 8 online jobs for teachers to earn good money during lockdown

  1. Data collection apps

In this, you have to create several email ids for respective apps. You need to share your information with these to gain points.

  • MobileXpression

For this, you need a unique email and number for each phone. You will get a gift card from Amazon worth $5 for installing. Let this app run on your phone and you can get several gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, and Best Buy.

  • Embee Meter CX

Every phone doesn’t accept this program. You can earn up to $.3/day with per phone. Payments are done via PayPal, but before cashing out you must collect $5.

Many people earn $150/month by phone farming. Though it ain’t a fast and lucrative way of money-making but an easy way where you can easily earn a side income with little effort.

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