Exotic Fruits in India

Exotic and rare fruits available in Indian Market!!!

1.Jugli Jalebi also known as Kodukkapuli belongs to Pea family. It owes its orging to Central and South America. The raw fruit is bitter whereas the ripe one’s are the most sorted for.

The fruit is also used in Ayurvedic treatment for hemorrhage, Ulcers, reduce Cholestrol, most importantly it is used in curing acne, pimples and removes dark spots. For all those beauty & health conscious people here is your natural cure

2.Buddha’s Hand also known as Fingered Citron is one of oldest Citrus fruits. It is treasured for its sweet floral fragrance and mild zest. It has little to no flesh or juice, hence this fruit is really not for day today consumption, but the rind is used in baking recipes. Most importantly it is used for infusing into liqueurs and spirits. The next time you savor a citrus based sprit you know where the flavor came from. Not only that it is also used in herbal remedies as it is rich in Vitamin and fights infection.

3.Langsah also known as Lotka is an orb shaped fruit with a perfect sweet taste similar to that of Grape Fruit, it is in high demand during the season but can be cultivated only in some parts of south and east India. 

4.Mangustan It is sweet, tangy with deep reddish purple coloured rind when ripe. Its origin is not known due to wide spread of cultivation in tropical area since ancient times. It is used to treat skin infection, wounds, dysentery, urinary tract infection and gastrointestinal complaints. Dried fruits are shipped to Singapore for medical uses. It is a natural dye used in textile colouring, especially applied in traditional Tenun Ikat and Batik textiles in Indonesia.

5.Japani phal is also known as Persimmon is very sweet and has good glucose content. It is glossy outside, but brown and silky underneath. In the early winter season, they turn to yellow to Orange / red in colour. Like tomato, persimmon are not commonly considered to be berries, but morphologically the fruit is in fact a berry. 

6.Spondias Sulcus is also known as Ambarella. The fruit is conceived in inconspicuous white flower in the terminal panicles. In following weeks, the fruit fall to ground while still green, hard and turns golden yellow as they ripen . The fruit may be eaten raw, the flesh is crunchy and little sour. It has pineapple mango flavor, the flesh is golden in colour and very juicy, vaguely sweet but with a hint of tart acidity.  The fruit is made into preserves and flavoring for sauces, soups and stews.

7.Karonda is a berry sized fruits, commonly used as a condiment in India pickles and spices. It is rich in iron, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment for acidity, indigestion, fresh and infected wounds, skin disease and urinary disorders. Colonial British in India also made jelly, jams and syrups from it.

8.Phalsa was first found in Varanasi, India and was taken by Buddhist scholars to rest of the world. It is extensively cultivated for its sweet and sour acidic flavor, which are sold in the market during summer months under the name Falsa. The sherbet or squash is prepared from fruit pulp by mixing it with sugar and used as an astringent, stomachic and cooling agent .The bark is used in refining sugar and for making ropes.

9.Targola is also called as wine palm or ice apple. It has it origin India. It is reportedly naturalized in Pakistan, Socotra region, and parts of China. The fruit is black and brown with sweet, fibrous pulp and the seed is enclosed within a woody endocarp. Young seeds grow slowly, producing only a few leaves each year. It provides the perfect blend of mineral and sugar for the body during the summer season. This fruit is also known as Nungu in Tamil, Tati Munjalu in Telugu.

10.Carambola/star fruit is cultivated since ancient times. They were introduced in Sri Lanka and other regions and remain a local favorite in the region. It resembles a star when cut across, hence the name as star fruit. This fruit is used for culinary in many parts of the world  and is also used in certain prescription to significantly increase their effective dosage within the body.


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