Cryptocurrency and Indian exchanges

Cryptocurrency and Indian exchanges

What’s cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digitized asset that is based on a network that is shared across a large number of laptops, desktops, and computers. It’s a virtual currency that is secured by cryptography which can’t be faked or double-spending. In India, investing in virtual currencies is mainly done by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Mon-roe fall.

Cryptocurrencies are initiated by encryption of tech which is used to protect the network. They are mostly decentralized networks that are mainly based on the blockchain domain which allows them to exist out of the control of any authorities and central governments.

Blockchains are methods used for ensuring transaction integrity, which is the main component of most cryptocurrencies. They include a lot of risk as of their exchange rate volatility, illegal activities. But they are also appreciable for their divisibility, transparency, portability, and inflation resistance.

Below are some of India’s cryptocurrencies exchanges:

1)BuyUCoin – BuyUCoin is one of the successful cryptocurrency exchanges. This provides users to buy and trade lots of coins at once and for this facility many users sign-up on BuyUCoin. It has launched almost more than 40 cryptocurrencies at one time. If you want to trade a lot you should go for this exchange BuyUCoin. This is a trustworthy platform for several currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, NEM, List and many others to exchange and purchase. This platform provides you to trade rbi-banned cryptocurrencies. It has also launched a p2p transaction facility to easily deposit and withdraw their hard money and exchange them in INR. It has proposed a sandbox to monitor and provide unhackable protection and stores 95% of funds offline.

2) WazirX – WazirX provides its customer p2p transaction facility and tech which can process millions of transactions. It provides efficient and smooth trading across all over websites, iOS, and Android mobiles, and on Windows and Mac applications. This provides an easy KYC system in which identity verification takes place in a few hours of registration. Their team is on a mission to bring every Indian to the blockchain network. You can trade digital currencies with trust, confidence, and ease. WRX tokens help build a community and reward people accordingly for contributing to successes. It’s India’s most secure platform for trading in cryptocurrencies.

3)BitBNS – BitBNS offers a p2p facility for transactions for taking bitcoins. It’s at the forefront of cryptocurrencies. It allows the users to sell and purchase the bitcoins without the involvement of a third party. It also allows you to automate the features and advanced tools. It has more than 98 cryptocurrencies listed. It allows the users to sell and buy currencies at reasonable rates for which you don’t have to suffer any losses. It offers ease at trading and exchange. For trust and security, they are quite good. You can join BitBNS for free.

4 CoinDCX – CoinDCX is a user-friendly interface where users will be able to access a variety of services and financial products. It offers insurance protection and leading security. They have provided various bank transfer payment facilities with IMPS and UPI strategies. It has raised its fund by 100 crores INR by b Block. one. It has proposed an investing app, CoinDCX Go. The Bitcoin and CoinDCX Go app has made it easier and safer to board every Indian in cryptocurrencies. During a pandemic situation, it has scaled exponentially and is continuing to do so.

5) CoinSwitch – CoinSwitch Kuber is a user-friendly, seamless, and stable cryptocurrency trading site for users in India. It has instant KYC/AML procedures. Their users can access the liquidity of cryptocurrencies for trading at the best rates. It’s ideal for a regular trading person or a newcomer. You can buy 100+ currencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. You can instantly withdraw, deposit, and trade over 50-100 cryptocurrencies easily.

6)Zebpay – It has been in the business since 2014. It offers you to buy a range of altcoins, bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and TUSD instantly with minimum slippage and guaranteed execution. It has reached maximum heights within a few years with approximately 3 million users and $2 billion transactions. It has robust security which controls the outgoing transaction with a feature of disabling outgoing transactions. It has an app for trading that will help newcomers to join easily in the field of cryptocurrencies. You can use Zebpay with any of the web devices. For trading, you have to complete your KYC by submitting the required documents.

7)Goittus – Goittus is a cold wallet that is protected by 100% cyber theft security. It’s a user-friendly interface for professionals as well as for beginners. Their simple and intuitive platform empowers you to trade like an expert. It offers you 24×7 instant withdrawal and a deposit of rupees within a few seconds. They have amalgamated with global custodial service pioneer, Bitgo, to offer you insurance coverage for savings. You can register and will get a chance to win tokens up to 10,000 without any fees. You can get your KYC process within a few minutes.

Cryptocurrency trading has shown greater potential in India because of its blockchain domain. When the cryptocurrency was banned, some of the members resorted to the p2p transaction facility. In India, there can be a lot of employment opportunities for cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech and it will lead to building a stronger digital economy.




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