Best private banks in India

Best private banks in India

With liberalization of the economy in India, there have emerged numerous banks in the private sector to cater to the growing needs of the growing population. When service is concerned, the private sector bans do offer great comfort, ranging from withdrawal to transfer. Initially, there was more security and thrust in government banks when compared to the private ones, as believed by the citizens of the country. However, now they are found to rely more upon private banks. Currently, 21 private banks are operating in the country.

Detailed information on the best private banks in India in 2019

  • HDFC Bank: It is considered to be the largest in the country and also the most trusted one. It is also RBI’s first approved bank to provide banking services to customers including their assets. They boast of having 12,260 ATMs and 4,805 branches spread across 2,727 cities. 
  • ICICI Bank: Its full name is Industrial Credit & Investment Corpn. of India) is considered to be the country’s largest and 2nd rated bank. It is RBI approved to carry out banking operations. During 1998, it had commenced online banking solutions. It has managed to achieve the tag \India’s Best Retail Bank’. Its headquarter is in Bandra, Mumbai and there are 14,000+ ATMs spread across the country. It also provides services in about 17 countries.  
  • Citi Bank: It is considered to be the country’s only foreign bank to be in operation and offers whole range of facilities, including demand drafts and loans. Subscribers are offered with everything right at their home as they require to simply tap the options using their phone. However, banking services is provided only in Metro cities as well as the outskirts of main cities. There are established 80+ branches spread across the country and 700+ ATMs. But not every person will be able to gain the luxurious facility offered by the bank simply by sitting at his/her home. The minimum opening and maintenance amount for a savings account is a bit high 
  • Axis Bank: It is stated to be a popular and the most advertised banking service which offers fabulous deals to its customers and also the country’s 3rd largest. It has several brand collaborations to come up with lucrative offers and compel users to avail both services. it was established in 1993 and has completed 26 years now. Its headquarter is based at Mumbai, Maharashtra and there are 3,120 branches & 12,922 ATMs spread across the country. 
  • Yes Bank: This bank is said to focus entirely upon providing customer satisfaction and utmost security. It was established in 2004 and generates revenue mainly from corporate banking and syndicated loans. Its headquarter is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and there are 18,000+ ATMs and 1,150+ branches spread all over the country. 
  • Bandhan Bank: It is stated to be the youngest bank to be founded on August 23, 2015. It has gained popularity within a small timeframe due to its impeccable services. it has its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal and there are 480+ ATMs and 896+ branches with 13.5 million subscribers. 

You can apply for creating an account with any of the above private banks and enjoy peace of mind and security of your money.


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