Great Transcription Jobs- 7 Companies

Transcription jobs can be defined as one has to convert video or audio files into text documents. You don’t need a prior certification for this. You need to have some qualities such as good listening skills, accuracy, and most important to have good typing speed. Online courses will help you have a better grip on your skills. It is one of the profit-making ways for making money by staying within your homes. In this, you will know about some companies for transcription jobs. There’s a good demand for transcription these days. They are required in various fields such as medical, legal, research, blogging, etc. Below are some jobs for beginners:


Speechpad hires its people from around the world. Mostly they transcribe insurance interviews. You need to clear the small test of grammar and transcribing a small piece of data before being hired by a company. Typing speed should be 40 words/min. The pay scale is $0.25 to $2.50/min audio. The payments are made twice a week by PayPal. Also read Freelancing jobs in high demand

2) SpeakWrite

It’s a well-known company that has more than 6500 clients from government, legal, law, and private companies. For being hired by this company you need to clear a test of writing 60 words/min with an accuracy of 90%. You should have a basic knowledge of MS Word, have a good grip on English grammar. Payscale is $0.005-$0.006/word. Payments are done twice a month directly or by checks.

3) Daily Transcription

Its transcriptions are usually for legal, corporate, and education clients too. This is for people who live in Canada or the US. For work, you need to pass a transcription and assessment test. Typing speed must be 50 words/min. They also give you basic training. The pay scale is usually $0.75-$0.85/audio min. Payments are done by checks weekly.

4) Tigerfish

It’s a company that has provided jobs since1989. If you are over 18 and a citizen of the USA you can apply for this job. The work is mostly on interrogation, interviews, films, and documentaries. You have to pass a video transcribing test and mail it to their officials and you will be informed within a week. Payscale is $.03-$.04/line transcribed. Payments are done by PayPal.

5) TranscribeMe

It’s a famous platform for transcription. It doesn’t need any experience. You just have to fill an application form and clear a small test. The work is mostly converting 2-4 mins audio of many industries. Payscale is $15-$25/hour audio. Payments are done regularly.

6) Castingwords

They hire both experienced and non-experienced. For work, you need to pass a small test. All the jobs have their time so choose your task correctly and submit it for review. The pay scale is $.085-$1/min.

7) CrowdSurf

It transcripts captioning and on-demand media for helping the users. Most of the videos are 15-35 second videos which are easily transcribable. You must qualify for a test. The pay scale is $5/hour.

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