What are some remote jobs that pay $20 per hour

What are some remote jobs that pay $20 per hour

A remote job provides ways to earn money online with ease. It is ideal for those who don’t work in an office environment and want to ensure a work-life balance. With internet technologies advancing, employees or freelancers can choose their jobs depending on their skills. They can work in their homes on flexible hours, enabling them to avoid commuting. Furthermore, one can ensure a good income with remote jobs that help them achieve their goals accordingly. Some jobs allow remote workers to generate money on an hourly basis, and they should know about them in detail.

7 remote jobs that pay $20 per hour

  1. Nursing

Healthcare remote jobs are in demand these days, and a certified healthcare practitioner can earn $20 per hour. A healthcare practitioner can offer support, advice, and follow-up services to elderly patients or others. Data abstraction, telephone triage, billing and coding, nursing education, and clinical informatics are some roles available for nurses when they want to work remotely.

Many healthcare firms offer remote nursing jobs for qualified healthcare practitioners. Flex Jobs is the right destination for nurses who want to earn $20 per hour, and they can visit  for knowing more details.

  1. Photography

Photography is the best option for photographers who want to get $20 per hour or more online. A photographer can submit his or her photos on people per hour with creativity and learn new techniques to cater to the needs of logo creators, blog creators, etc. Furthermore, it is wise to understand the latest camera types and lenses available for photographs that help submit photos with high clarity.

Photographers can choose the people per hour website when they want to submit their high-quality photos. It is suitable for generating more money per hour, depending on the photos that give ways to get additional income. A photographer can click the below link to know more details.

  1. UX/UI designing

A UX/UI designer’s role is to enhance the screen and the user’s overall experience of a website. UX/UI design is necessary for websites to experience the best results on various devices. Upwork is the right platform for UX/UI designers to earn $20 per hour, and they can submit their details on the website to get hired soon. On the other hand, they should have the necessary skills to satisfy the requirements of clients.

Here is the link available for UX/UI designers.

  1. Transcription

A transcription job involves listening to audio files and converting them to text format by typing. The job requires strong listening and typing abilities that allow freelancers to ensure good earning potential. One should manage to type at least 60 words per minute and have the ability to understand the files quickly. Scribie is the best platform for earning $20 per hour in a remote transcription job. Medical, insurance, and law firms offer the best remote transcription jobs for experienced professionals to earn from home easily. One can click the link for remote transcription jobs.

  1. Data analysis

Data analysis is one of the remote jobs that allows individuals to earn $20 per hour based on their experience. Several companies offer remote jobs for data analysts who want to earn additional income. Data is necessary for a company to make informed decisions that increase sales in the market. Indeed is the best website for those who want to work as freelancing data analysts. However, they should have the essential skills for the job to submit reports with high accuracy.

Here is the link available for remote analysis jobs.

  1. Voice-over job

A voice-over-remote job is the right option for those who want to work from home and earn decent money. The voice-over remote job is suitable for voice talents to work with leading companies and brands. The Voice realm allows voice-over artists to earn $20 per hour or more, depending on the project. is the link available for voice-over remote jobs.

  1. Customer support representative

Several companies offer remote customer support representative jobs for people who want to earn from home with online tools and other things. Phone burner provides ways to earn $20 per hour, and one should know the requirements before applying for an open position. One should have a minimum of 2 years experience in technical support services. For more details, one can visit it to choose the best jobs.



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