What are some odd apps to choose to make extra cash a day?

What are some odd apps to choose to make extra cash a day?

Making additional income and extra cash in a day now becomes easy due to the development of internet technologies and mobile apps. There are several odd jobs that pay well on an hourly or weekly basis, thereby showing ways to generate additional income. However, one should consider choosing some apps because they make the job-searching process simple. Odd apps are ideal for those who want to find nearby jobs during their free time. They provide methods to select jobs depending on experience and other things.

8 odd apps for earning $200 or more a day

  1. Instacart

The Instacart app allows a person to get $200 a day or more after delivering grocery products to customers, and one can even shop for them if they want. A sign-up process is necessary to become a shopper with Instacart. The app will display the key details upfront after accepting an order from a batch. It even gives ways to accept add-ons to the current order and accept the next order in queue after completing the current order. A registered user can check the earning potential at after picking a batch.

  1. Door dash

Doordash is a restaurant food delivery app that enables individuals to make S200 or more a day online. To become a Doordash Dasher, one should have a vehicle, such as a bike, to deliver food. One should choose an area on the website and get approved soon. Also, the next step is to download the app and accept a delivery opportunity. A Doordash Dasher can track the earnings at this site after completing the food delivery process to customers.

  1. Your Mechanic

Your Mechanic app is available on the App Store and Play Store and easy to install on Android and iOS devices. It is ideal for mechanics to earn $200 or more a day. This odd job app enables a mechanic to choose a location and working hours after knowing the details. Mechanics can click to learn more about the openings and other things.

  1. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is another odd job app that offers opportunities to earn $200 or more extra cash a day with a vehicle. The job involves delivering Amazon packages to customers that let a person make money with ease. A driver can earn $18–25 per hour after installing this app. The amount will increase depending on the location and other factors. Anyone who has a car, bike, or truck can pick up this odd job, and they can visit  for more information.

  1. Instawork

Instawork is an odd app that allows individuals to find the best jobs in warehousing and other sectors. The app is suitable for earning $30 per hour for a shift job and shows methods to get paid instantly. It helps to generate $200 or more depending on the job, and people can choose their working schedule accordingly. One can visit for more details.

  1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is one of the odd apps that lets people earn more money if they have specialized skills. It connects clients for all sorts of work, enabling an individual to earn $200 or more extra cash a day. This handyman app is ideal for bidding when choosing local jobs that help earn a decent income. Therefore, those who are looking for semi-skilled jobs can download this app on their mobile devices. They can visit to search for jobs depending on their skills.

  1. Field Agent

The Field Agent app is suitable for finding nearby local jobs, which involves helping retailers and brands make sure that everything is in order. Clients will pay the amount after completing a task. The app gives ways to generate $200 or more a day, depending on a project. Also, it will display the jobs that are available in a location, enabling people to select them based on their choices. To know more details, one can visit to become an agent.

  1. Rover

The Rover app caters to the needs of pet sitters who want to earn more money. A pet sitter will take care of pets when the owners are away or not able to manage them. Also, the app is the right choice for getting money on an hourly basis, and a pet sitter can download it on Android and iOS devices. More details are available on that help to ensure more income.


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