Part time jobs from home 2023 from Doubtnut

Part time jobs from home 2023 from Doubtnut

DoubtNut is an Indian edtech company that has made significant strides in revolutionizing the way students access educational resources. Founded in 2016 by Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar, DoubtNut addresses a critical challenge in the Indian education system – the lack of personalized and easily accessible solutions for students’ doubts and queries.
The company’s primary offering is a mobile app that includes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide instant solutions to students’ doubts in mathematics and science. Users can simply take a picture of their question, upload it to the app, and receive a step-by-step video solution. This innovative approach has made DoubtNut immensely popular among students preparing for competitive exams, where doubts can often be a significant roadblock.
DoubtNut’s success can be attributed to its commitment to accessibility and affordability. They have ensured that the app remains free for the majority of its content, making high-quality education for students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, they have partnered with several state governments and educational institutions to provide their services to a wider audience.
With millions of downloads and positive reviews, DoubtNut has firmly established itself as a leader in the Indian edtech space. The company’s dedication to empowering students and simplifying their learning experience has the potential to reshape the future of education in India.

The company is offering part time work from job opportunities. Candidates should be just 12th pass and no higher qualifications is required. No experience is required. The minimum salary is 10,000/- and above that bonus and incentive is given. Every day 2-3 hours is enough to work.

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