Conducting online classes during lockdown

Conducting online classes during lockdown

Online teaching has gained immense popularity and is in great demand during this lockdown period. Schools & educations institutions have been using modern technology and smartphones to conduct classes among its students. Since most of the teachers do not have formal training to hold online classes, it is important for them to know how to conduct effective classes online and make the most from it.

Why conduct online classes?

Almost all educational institutions have been instructed by the government to stay closed until further noticed due to rapid spread of Covid-19 virus. This is done to protect children of all ages, who are also future of our country and mankind. However, online classes are conducted to complete some part of the annual syllabus. This is likely to help teachers to complete their syllabus on time and on reopening of the school/college, they can conduct exams within set time and ensure study flow among students.

What is online class?

Online classes mean imparting knowledge and syllabus through the internet using smartphones and apps. Students can be kept informed about syllabus, topic, class timings, etc. through various apps like WhatsApp or email. Live teaching is also possible through apps like Zoom, GoogleMeet, WebXMeeting, etc. Here, the teacher connects all the students and provides live training on selected topics and gets to interact with all of them.


  • Prepare before session starts. Rehearse offline to have better grasp on what to say & impart.
  • Collect contact numbers & email addresses of all students. Create group to conduct classes.
  • Check essential services & equipments like laptop, PC, internet, camera, etc. prior to starting the session.
  • Be prepared with study materials, assignments that you plan to share with your students after the session.
  • Ask couple of students to assist you to pass on crucial information to other students pertaining to online session, as & when deemed necessary. It reduces your workload significantly and can also help convey last minute changes effectively.
  • Provide students with required instructions to enable fruitful and smooth session at all times.
  • Give small breaks from time to time, to help students to have sufficient time to understand the topic and ask questions if they have some.
  • Keep short classes. This again depends upon varying parameters like teaching plan, student participation and topics conducted.
  • Ask several open ended questions pertaining to the topic and make students to become more responsive.
  • Do encourage students to ask doubts pertaining to the topic and other issues. Set up online discussion forum to enable greater convenience.
  • Allow students to provide valuable feedback as it helps you to understand their needs and point of view.
  • Post assignments, announce details held during the session for better understanding and greater clarity.


  • Avoid cancelling or postponing any class without having strong reason.
  • Avoid being too formal when conducting classes with familiar students.

Following the above will allow you & your students to enjoy online classes.


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