Conducting online classes during lockdown

Online teaching has gained immense popularity and is in great demand during this lockdown period. Schools & educations institutions have been using modern technology and smartphones to conduct classes among its students. Since most of the teachers do not have formal training to hold online classes, it is important for them to know how to… Continue reading Conducting online classes during lockdown

3 books for young children to read during lockdown

Children just love to hear and read different types of stories. Hence, parents should encourage their wards by introducing them to books at a very early age. Stories are regarded to be mirrors to help youngsters to express their feelings pertaining to any given situation. It also provides them with vocabulary and sense of meaning… Continue reading 3 books for young children to read during lockdown

How to use improve concentration in studies for kids?

A lot of kids may face difficulties in improving their concentration levels while studying important subjects. Many parents these days don’t know how to increase the performance of kids and they approach experts to get solutions for the problems effectively. There are some techniques meant for enhancing the skills of kids to a large extent.… Continue reading How to use improve concentration in studies for kids?

9 steps Parenting

Every parent’s dream is to watch their children blossom as an adult filled with hopes,dreams and good intentions. You are your child’ emotional coach.It’s your responsibility to help them label emotions. Effective Parenting is all about the adequate understanding of how we nurture our child to access,reveal and achieve his or her inner potentials and… Continue reading 9 steps Parenting

Positive Parenting

Parenthood is amazing,it’s a privilege.Let’s cherish it. Love your child wholeheartedly and unconditionally as they teach us many things on a daily basis.They make us realize the importance of laughing even at small things.They teach us that life is less complicated and much more beautiful than we ever think. But sometimes being a parent is… Continue reading Positive Parenting

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