3 books for young children to read during lockdown

3 books for young children to read during lockdown

Children just love to hear and read different types of stories. Hence, parents should encourage their wards by introducing them to books at a very early age. Stories are regarded to be mirrors to help youngsters to express their feelings pertaining to any given situation. It also provides them with vocabulary and sense of meaning of what is happening. Stories are also stated to be windows, allowing them to explore the world without actually having to go outside. It also develops their empathy, increases resilience and to feel experienced. Fortunately, there are authors who write books for kids of all ages. You can find books for kids in different categories. Also, it will be useful to understand the taste and moods of your child and carry out thorough research, so as to find a book that he/she will love reading it and spend the time wisely during this ongoing lockdown period.

3 interesting books for young children

  • Red Tree: In the magical style of Sean Tan, this picture book has less text and filled with beautiful, lush landscapes. The young reader can be expected lose himself/herself in the pages which are evocative of wonder, loss and yearning and full of intense emotion. The character’s bedroom has dark leaves fall around, which by the end is found to have transformed into a beautiful looking red tree. Young readers can express their opinion page by page on the provided space.
  • Comet in Moominland: This book by Tove Jansson is about a family that tries to escape an approaching comet and on the way, happen to meet several interesting characters. Moomins are much beloved and are considered to be eccentric hippo-type people. They are quite accommodative with regards to their differences. Most characters can be found to have their own little ways. The story has exciting elements showcasing real fever, while the quirky line drawings can be termed to be immensely endearing. With word play, fun filled languages and characters’ attitudes, child is declared the hero. Drawing a Moomin is not hard and endless opportunities are presented for drama. Children as young as 2s & 3s can read it by themselves and may require some support from parents for those tricky bits.
  • Mousehole Cat: This classic story by Antonia Barber has been set on Cornish coast and relates to a cat, considered to be the saviour of community as they get threatened. When compared to other picture books, it is wordier. The narration here is done by the cat, but in beautiful, clearly written prose, which is a real pleasure to read. Illustrations have been done by Nicola Bayley, which are undoubtedly immersive and engaging. The characters seem to inspire affection quite easily. This story touches on sensitive topics like sacrifice and scarcity and is found to be an empowering one for the young reader/listener. The hero of the story is the smallest character who is brave enough to save everyone, which is by singing.

You can find these titles electronically or through postal orders and gift one to your beloved son/daughter to read during this lockdown.


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