Earn money through Reading books and reviewing

Earn money through Reading books and reviewing

Nowadays, there are lot of online job opportunities available for people who want to get money as soon as possible.  However, it is necessary to make a detailed study about them with attention to gain more ideas. Several websites cover a variety of jobs for those who like to make money easily. Anyone who loves reading books can earn quick money that can help generate high revenues. It is advisable to find out the websites which offer the best online jobs with good payments.

Here are some websites that pay amounts for people who read books.

  1. Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a great web platform for those who want to work from home without putting any efforts. Members will receive cash for each book after writing a review. One can become a member on this website freely and he/she will receive the books at no charge. At the same time, a person should submit a review free for the first time to analyze the skills.

  1. The US review of books

The US review of books web platform hires book reviewers regularly and one should submit a review from 250 to 300 words. It updates the details of available books that allow a person to work from home conveniently.  Members will receive payments on monthly basis after setting up an account.

  1. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is a news magazine website that is mainly engaged in book publishing business enabling people to earn money in simple steps. The platform features the best book reviewing, editing, and copy editing jobs for people to ensure quick money after creating an account.

  1. Book Browse

Book Browse is an online magazine that offers book review jobs with good payments. The website platform covers online jobs which help receive free books in return or money based on the choices.

  1. The Chicago Book Review

The Chicago Book Review is a popular website platform that let members write and share reviews of many books with ease. Members who want to write an honest review can select this website that provides ways to get books in return.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a free platform that offers online jobs under different categories. Those who want to create an account on the website should follow the instructions properly. It is an ideal platform for those who want to get payments for book reviews.

  1. Bethany House

Bethany House is an online platform that publishes books related to historic Christianity. The website enables book reviewers to get payments for book reviews with ease. It sends a list of books that are available for review and members can respond them immediately which can help get quick money after creating an account.

  1. Publishers Marketplace

Publishers Marketplace is the right platform for those who want to work from home with a simple monthly fee of $25. One can check-out the board on the website to know the details of book review jobs. It allows members to find a handful of jobs that suits their kills.







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