How to Manage the YOU in YOU

How to Manage the YOU in YOU

Do you know who are you? Do you know what others think about you? Do you know how to manage you?

As such there are many questions for which people are still trying to find answers…

First answer for the few questions mentioned below:

1)      You are alone at home & the home is filled with loads of stuff that you want, along with unlimited high speed internet connection, so what all you do?

2)      Your home is filled loads of stuff that you want along with unlimited high speed internet connection with all your family members, so what all you do?

3)      When you are driving your car on a HIGH WAY and not accompanied by any one, what songs would you play in your music system, If you are accompanied by your close friends / family / kids what songs would you play?

Under each scenario we behave and communicate differently, when we are alone we are different from when are surrounded by many. So the real ME is different when there are people around??? AM I CORRECT ? What happens if we respond or behave same in every situation, is that actually possible?

When we are alone, the way we manage ourselves is completely different from when we are surrounded with someone else, so managing self when no one is around is not at all a challenge, then what’s the real challenge?

To know to manage YOU in YOU when YOU are surrounded by people.

When we want to grow in this so called society we need to live with certain terms & conditions and these are basically called as “Etiquettes”.

While eating food, use – Dining Etiquette; While talking over phone, use – Telephone Etiquette; While replying to a mail, use – E.Mail Etiquette; While driving with friends / family, use – Driving Etiquette…

People who follow a set of rules will always carry ELEGANCE and behaves in a polished manner.

So what does Etiquette mean – A set of rules / Guidelines / Process / Steps to proceed / Behavior etc. Though the word Etiquette might look different for Indians but from BIRTH to FUNERAL our ancestors has clearly laid set of rules and regulations which are nothing but etiquettes.

To be successful in any profession, one has to undergo basic etiquette training based on the profession and need to regularly update with the cultural and geographical change.

In corporate life the word Etiquette has got fantastic mileage because in every Induction training there is an Etiquette session where the trainer takes the new joinees through organization etiquettes and various other important stuff, but to grow in life are these etiquettes alone sufficient???

What If you don’t want to follow any of these etiquette’s, surely there would be no threat to survival but for sure you can’t manage your growth , your career and yourself.

I am not saying that you need to compromise your rights or freedom but it’s all about managing self and managing the YOU in YOU.


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