5 Budget Friendly Bikes for Women

5 Budget Friendly Bikes for Women

Two-wheelers or bikes for women offer an easy way to commute within the city. While a woman is capable of driving any bike, She prefers a bike which tends to be helpful when she has to carry bags of groceries or any load. She prefers a much lighter vehicle which is easy to manoeuvre and convenient to use. Women are known to give preference to convenience and efficiency than fancy sports gadgets in the bike. Below is a compilation of 5 budget-friendly bikes for women.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus 

This is the lightest and most budget-friendly bike for women priced at Rs. 39,950. This is the preferred vehicle for the girl students as it is easy to manoeuvre due to its lightweight feature. Women who need to pick or drop children may, on the other hand, find it insufficient for handling more loads. This is a popular choice among women who need to commute to work alone or are required to be driving constantly.

Best features:

It weighs only 95Kgs and has a fuel capacity of 5L.

Top speed advertised to offer is 70Kmph.

Availability of this vehicle in a variety of colours is an added advantage.

Honda Activa 4G

Priced at a budget price of Rs. 51460, this vehicle is little heavier when compared to the newer models in the market, but is fuel-efficient and convenient once you get the hang of driving it. Both men and women find it a handy road commuting vehicle.

Best Features:

It has a better fuel capacity of 5.3L and is advertised to give a mileage of 60Kmpl.

The top speed you can reach with this vehicle is 83Kmph.

Since it is a little heavier at 108Kg, higher speeds are easy to attain.

This vehicle is available in a variety of colours to suit your taste and style statement.

Yamaha Fascino

This is a stylish looking and convenient to drive vehicle used by both men and women. It is suited for women who prefer to drive around for everyday needs. Priced at Rs. 54,593 the design of this vehicle catches the fancy of the young girls and availability of sober colours makes women vouch for this vehicle.

Best features:

It weighs around 103 Kg which is not heavier as compared to Honda Activa.

The fuel capacity is around 5.2L.

It is advertised to give a mileage of 66Kmpl and a top speed of 85Kmph.

This vehicle is available in six vibrant colours to suit your temperament.

Suzuki Access 125

This is another medium weight two-wheeler priced at Rs. 55,046 suitable for both genders. It is also known for its fuel efficiency and decent mileage.

Best Features:

It weighs just around 102Kg making it a medium weight convenient vehicle for everyday travel.

Higher fuel capacity at 5.6L.

The advertised mileage is 64Kmpl.

Advertised top speed is 91Kmph.

Available in many different colours.

TVS Jupiter

Priced at Rs. 56056, this vehicle is as heavy as Honda Active but is very efficient for daily usage. The classic edition is available in Sunlit Ivory and Autumn Brown. It is a must-have for women who prefer to give a style statement through the commuting vehicle.

Best Features:

The fuel capacity is at 5L.

Advertised to provide a mileage of 64kmpl.

Advertised top speed is 85Kmph.


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