5 Websites that offer Home-Based Freelance Transcription Jobs

5 Websites that offer Home-Based Freelance Transcription Jobs

Advent of high speed internet and devices like laptops, desktops and smartphones have completely revolutionised the way people communicate and work. Even workplace scenario seems have changed due to the pandemic Covid-19, where people are required to stay indoors. Fortunately, the web has opened up plethora of opportunities for people of all eligible ages to seek home-based freelance jobs. These jobs are legitimate and can be performed from the convenience and comfort of your home.

One such opportunity that you can avail is general transcription jobs. The article provides you with a detailed insight of several websites offering genuine home-based transcription jobs.

Transcription service

It involves conversion of speech into electronic text or written document. Such services are often rendered for general businesses, medical or legal purposes. The work requires you to compare spoken-language or audio source and then convert the same into text documents.

5 authentic sites offering beginners with home-based freelance transcription jobs

  • Scribie.com: Established in 2008, it is well-known for making genuine payments to freelance transcribers. You just need to listen to the given audio files and dictate/type accurately. No tasks are assigned here. Rather, you are free to choose a suitable one. Moreover, registering here is quite simple, requiring you to clear a test process and get certified. Per audio hour will fetch you about $5-20, with each audio file being approximately 6 minutes. For every spent three hours you stand to gain $5 as monthly bonus.
  • TranscribeMe.com: You are to perform transcription from video/audio files. There is no need to have any prior experience to apply here. You just need to register yourself as a transcriber. But you need to clear an exam involving transcribing a 10-15 second audio file. It focuses mainly on your grasp over the English language. Beginners can get $20/audio hour, while experience can earn around $50/audio hour on specialty teams. You can enjoy receiving weekly payments through PayPal.
  • Rev.com: This site offers transcription opportunities to interested freelancers across the globe. You can come across 4 major services to apply for, namely, transcription, translation, captions and subtitles. You are free to choose anyone depending on your specialty. Not much experience is necessary to apply for any particular field. But you need to have special interest to learn new things and possess strong command over English. You need to appear for a test during registration and clear it successfully. For video/audio transcription jobs, the payout rate is $0.40 to $0.65/audio minute. Weekly payments are made through your PayPal account on a weekly basis. But you are allowed to work only on a single assigned project at one time and apply for the next after completing the first one. The site offers practice jobs and transcription tutorials. You can also get constructive feedback from other senior transcriptionists on completion of a task.
  • GoTranscipt.com: As a beginner, this is the best place to apply. They offer wide range of services like captions, subtitles, translation, video transcription and audio transcription. You can avail two opportunities here, namely, freelance transcription editor and transcriber. You have the liberty to first listen to the audio file before you decide to accept the task or look for another one. You can earn $0.60/audio/video minute. Grade is awarded based on work quality and accuracy level.
  • CastingWords.com: This site boasts of partnering with several Fortune 500 companies like BBC, Microsoft, NASA, etc. You need to qualify the transcription test. The site evaluates your accuracy level, how you have managed to read/understand given style basics that are provided within the ‘Quick Start Guide’ and English usage. You are also allowed to subcontract all assigned projects, thus providing opportunities to earn more. You can earn around 8.5 cents to over $1/audio minute.


Do remember that these jobs although good paying do require you to have good command over the language, computing skills and competence.


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